Child Custody in Bangladesh

by Miss Farzana Khanom Dispute may arise relating to child custody when a marriage breaks down and ends in divorce and also for other issues. In Bangladesh, The Family Courts Ordinance 1985 and The Guardians and Ward Act 1890 are followed while dealing with cases relating to custody and guardianship. In some cases dispute may

The Prospect of ADR in Settling Labour Disputes in Bangladesh

by Miss Farzana Khanom The Constitution of Bangladesh pursuant to Article 32 guarantees justice to all regarding equal right to life and personal liberty and in addition Article 27 guarantees equality before law and equal protection of law. But due to tremendous pressure on the court and due to long time process and lack of

Legal Position relating to Guarantors in Corporate Loan in Bangladesh :

by Razia Sultana, Associate In a lending scenario by a Company, usually lenders require personal guarantee from the directors of the company. A personal guarantee is a type of guarantee where one or more company directors personally guarantee to repay any debts of their business if the company face any financial crisis or unable to

Membership of IR Global

I am delighted to announce that our law firm Jural Acuity has become an exclusive member Firm of IR Global in Foreign Direct Investment & Tax (law) category. IR Global is a network of Firms having Members in 155+ Jurisdictions.

Laws & Policies of Investment in Bangladesh 

Bangladesh actively seeks foreign investment, particularly in apparel, power, oil and gas, and infrastructure projects. It offers a range of investment incentives under its industrial policy and export-oriented growth strategy with few formal distinctions between foreign and domestic private investors. Foreign and domestic private entities can establish and own, operate, and dispose of interests in

Legal Issues in Real Estate Projects: Developer vs Landowners

Legal Issues in Real Estate Projects: Developer vs Landowners Construction sector is one of the key driving force behind the economic boom of our GDP. Amongst the same, it has become very lucrative for the landowners in urban areas to jointly develop land with developer company. This not only generates a lot of upfront cash

Need of personal data protection laws in Bangladesh: A legal appraisal

By Advocate Md. Shahabuddin Molla and Sumiya Nahara “Personal data” means a data that relates to a person who is directly or indirectly identifiable, or any other feature of the identity of such person, or any combination of such features with any other information. Personal data will be turned to Sensitive Personal Data when it