Divorce Under Muslim Laws in Bangladesh by Shawline Hossain LL.B

In Islamic law, marriage is a legal and social contract between a man and woman. Marriage is an act of Sunnah in Islam and is strongly recommended; the age of marriage being whenever the individuals feel ready, financially and emotionally. Muslim law is based on the idea of saving marriage rather than ending it. But

Joint Venture Agreements in Bangladesh Perspective 

Bangladeshi being one of the most preferred investment destinations has seen an influx of foreign investments in recent years. Except some areas, Bangladesh’s Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”)  Policy allows 100% FDI for setting up Companies.  However due to cultural differences and lack of strict adherence of the legal principles, many foreign investors are keen to

Procedure for Opening Liaison Office/ Branch Office in Bangladesh

What is liaison office? A Liaison Office [also known as representative office] can undertake only liaison activities i.e. it can act as a channel of communication between Head Office aboard and parties in Bangladesh. It is not allowed to undertake any business activity in Bangladesh and cannot have any income in Bangladesh. What is Branch

Trademark Registration in Bangladesh

Trademark registration in Bangladesh is achieved through the Department of patents, designs and trademark (DPDT). Any person declaring to be the proprietor of a trademark who is already in use or will be using in future in Bangladesh may apply in writing for registration of a Trademark in the prescribed manner. An applicant has to

Brief Guide for Purchasing Land in Bangladesh

Every person, who has ownership rights of immovable property and is recorded as such in records of rights or other public documents in which record of ownership is entered or maintained, is considered, as legal owner of immovable property and is entitled to transfer such property, either wholly or in part. Any person though not

How to Incorporate/Register a Limited Company in Bangladesh- Brief Guidelines for Foreign Investors

Bangladesh is considered a key investment destination due to its geo location, cheap labour and competitive production costs. Incorporating a business in Bangladesh has been simplified over the years due to interventions by the Government.  Foreign Investors (“Promoters”) intending to invest in Bangladesh has multiple options to incorporate their business in Bangladesh. Out of these

Special Economic Zones- Opens Doors for Foreign Investors

Bangladesh as an Investment Destination- Low wages, competitive production cost, availability of trained resources, availability of energy and a large domestic market makes Bangladesh as one of the top investment destinations for many foreign investors. In a recent survey conducted by JETRO in 2015 amongst 20 countries in Asia and Oceania, Bangladesh had been found