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How to get a fire license in bangladesh

To obtain a fire license in Bangladesh for all types of factory and warehouse, applicants must follow specific guidelines and procedures outlined by the relevant authorities. It is crucial to comply with safety regulations and provide necessary documentation for approval.

In Bangladesh, ensuring the safety and security of industrial facilities is a top priority for the government. To legally operate a factory or warehouse, obtaining a fire license is mandatory. The license application process involves submitting required documents, conducting fire safety inspections, and adhering to fire prevention measures.

By abiding by these guidelines, businesses can ensure a safe working environment and legal compliance with fire safety regulations in Bangladesh.

Legal Requirements For Fire License

Obtaining Fire License in Bangladesh requires compliance with legal requirements for all types of factories and warehouses. Different categories of factories and warehouses have specific fire safety measures and building construction requirements to adhere to. It is essential to understand the types of factories and warehouses to ensure the proper implementation of fire safety protocols. The fire license process involves rigorous evaluations to ensure that the premises meet the required safety standards. Adhering to the legal requirements for fire licenses is crucial to establishing a safe working environment for employees and protecting the premises from potential fire hazards.

Applying For Fire License

Obtaining a fire license in Bangladesh is crucial for all types of factories and warehouses. To apply, first, prepare necessary documents like property deeds and floor plan. Then, submit an application to the local fire service department. The next step involves going through an inspection process to ensure compliance with safety regulations. for

Fire Safety Training

In Bangladesh, obtaining a fire license for all types of factories and warehouses is essential. Fire safety training is necessary to comply with regulations and ensure the safety of employees and facilities. Professional guidance can help businesses navigate the process and prioritize fire prevention and preparedness.

Fire safety training is crucial for all types of factory and warehouse workplaces in Bangladesh.

Employees must undergo comprehensive training programs and courses to develop necessary skills.

Obtaining certification after the training is essential to ensure compliance and safety.

Cost And Timeframe

Cost of obtaining fire license: The cost for obtaining a fire license in Bangladesh varies based on the type and size of the factory or warehouse. It ranges from BDT 5,000 to BDT 50,000, with additional expenses for documentation and inspection.

Timeframe for processing applications: The timeframe for processing fire license applications generally takes around 30 to 60 days, subject to the completeness of the application and compliance with safety regulations. Delays may occur if any discrepancies are found during the inspection process.

Renewal And Compliance

Obtaining a fire license is an essential requirement for factories and warehouses in Bangladesh. Renewing the fire license is equally important to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. The process for renewal involves submitting the necessary documents and fulfilling the requirements set by the authorities. These requirements may include regular fire safety inspections, maintenance of fire safety equipment, and up-to-date fire safety plans. It is crucial for factory and warehouse owners to comply with these regulations to protect their businesses and the safety of their employees. Failure to renew the fire license or meet the compliance standards can result in penalties or even closure of the establishment. Therefore, owners must stay vigilant and proactively address any issues related to fire safety to maintain their license and ensure the well-being of their workforce.

Common Challenges And Solutions

Obtaining a fire license in Bangladesh for all types of factories and warehouses can be a challenging process. Lack of awareness about fire safety regulations is one of the common hurdles faced by businesses. Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the necessary steps and documentation required to acquire a fire license. Financial constraints also pose a significant challenge, as implementing the necessary safety measures can be costly. However, the government has implemented various support initiatives to address these challenges. They have provided financial assistance and incentives to encourage businesses to comply with fire safety regulations. Moreover, the government has taken steps to raise awareness about fire safety through workshops and training programs. These initiatives aim to ensure the safety and well-being of workers and the prevention of fire-related incidents in factories and warehouses across Bangladesh.


Obtaining a fire license for factories and warehouses in Bangladesh is a crucial step to ensure the safety and compliance of your business. By following the necessary guidelines and regulations, you can protect your employees, assets, and reputation. Don’t overlook the importance of fire safety in your operational plans.


Frequently Asked Questions

A fire license is a legal permit issued by the authorities that certifies that your factory or warehouse has adequate fire safety measures in place. It is essential to protect your business, employees, and assets from the risk of fire.

To obtain a fire license for your factory or warehouse in Bangladesh, you need to follow these steps:
1. Prepare the necessary documents, including building plans, fire safety equipment details, and employee training records.

  1. Submit the application form along with the required documents to the local fire service authority.
  2. Pay the applicable fees and wait for the inspection by the fire safety officers.
  3. If your facility meets all the requirements, you will receive the fire license.

To obtain a fire license in Bangladesh, your factory or warehouse must comply with several fire safety requirements. These include:
1. Installation of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and automatic sprinkler systems.

  1. Proper maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment.
  2. Adequate training and evacuation plans for employees.
  3. Clear exit routes and emergency lighting.
  4. Compliance with electrical safety codes and regular inspections.

The time required to obtain a fire license for a factory or warehouse in Bangladesh can vary depending on the complexity of the application and the availability of fire safety officers.

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