Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service: Once payment and engagement are completed, the Client cannot cancel the services. In case of failure to complete the commercial transaction within the stipulated time as per the signed Contract, Jural Acuity shall refund the service fees. Jural Acuity shall agree with the Client about specific tentative timelines for the delivery of services and subject to force majeure events, will complete the work as per the said timeframe.

Terms of Use of Information: User-generated content is not the property of Jural Acuity. The user may use the data they add or make while using the platform for legal services to provide better services to other users or themselves. Information about users will not be shared without their consent. However, if there is a requirement to disclose in order to comply with any legislation, then it will be conducted in accordance with Bangladeshi law.

Course of Legal Action: Jural Acuity as a law firm will advise the Client on a legal solution as per their professional opinion and cannot be held accountable unless gross negligence is proved on the part of Jural Acuity.


Relationship with Consultant:  Jural Acuity shall not be held liable if the User contacts any Consultant personally and exchanges any information or fees.


Refund Policy: If the Client desires, Jural Acuity will execute a standard agreement with detailed terms and conditions about the refund policy. The contract cannot be terminated at the will of the Client once the services commence. However, if Jural Acuity is unable to complete the transaction within the required timeframe without any force majeure, the client can claim a refund of the professional fee. However, any money paid for government charges (payment proof will be provided to the client) will not be refunded.


Disclaimer: The information published on the Jural Acuity website does not constitute legal advice. It is published to increase awareness about various issues and develop general knowledge. If any person receives or uses any information as legal advice, he does so at his own risk and Jural Acuity assumes no liability.

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