Practice Area

Banking & Financial Matters

The law firm deals with all types of securities, documentation, drafting and perfecting of the securities including insurance and marine insurance, as well as the litigation on all sorts of matters relating thereto, including drafting and reviewing of loan and security documents of all types of borrowers and other financial institutions; preparation of notices for the defaulting borrowers; drafting of banking and commercial documents and agreements, viz. all sorts of Syndicated Loan Agreements and related documents, Master Franchise Agreements, Loan Agreements, Pari-Passu Security Sharing Agreements, Agreements relating to online banking and electronic bill payments, etc.; giving legal opinion on banking and commercial issues and matters in relation to documentary credits. We are currently working as Panel Lawyer for Dutch Bangla Bank, Mutual Trust Bank, Mercantile Bank, One Bank, National Bank & Midland Bank. We also support clients in defending Artha Rin Adalat cases.

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