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Commercial Law in Bangladesh

Commercial law in Bangladesh governs the various aspects of business transactions and regulates the conduct of individuals and corporations engaged in commercial activities. The law is based on several statutes, including the Companies Act, Partnership Act, Contract Act, Sales of Goods Act, and others.

The Bangladesh government has implemented a number of measures to facilitate business growth and attract foreign investment, including the establishment of economic zones and the creation of a one-stop service center to simplify the process of starting a business.

The legal system Commercial law in Bangladesh is largely based on the British common law system, with the Supreme Court of Bangladesh serving as the final court of appeal. The country also has specialized commercial courts to deal with commercial disputes.

In recent years, Bangladesh has experienced significant economic growth and development, with the country ranking among the top ten fastest-growing economies in the world. As such, the demand for legal services in commercial matters has increased, with a corresponding rise in the number of lawyers specializing in commercial law.

With the continual integration of Bangladesh into the global market, international as well as local trade and commerce of the nation is at its peak. Our clients in this sector, multinational organizations, local companies and sole proprietors, are among the highest tax-payers of the country. We advise domestic and international clients in all sectors of the economy including building, engineering, information technology, manufacturing, garments and textiles, pharmaceuticals and transport. Our practice covers the drawing up of general terms and conditions of trade and commercial contracts, as well as dealing with negotiated settlements and commercial law in Bangladesh litigation.

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